Why a regular washing schedule matters

As a ‘weekend warrior’ at Intermountain Wash Tech, the fleets that I helped wash were mainly a commercial paved road only truck fleet, and a construction site fleet. I have been in the cleaning business for almost a decade, and had always heard that it’s easier to keep things clean with a regular schedule, than to try and catch up at irregular intervals. It turns out that the science behind it validates the saying.

Pressure washing is just like breaking all of the dirt off of the surface of your shoes by stomping or hitting them on something. It’s the kinetic energy of the high pressure water that loosens the dirt. This is why surfaces can get so super clean. But what keeps the surface clean is the final pH balance of the surface.

All filth that grimes surfaces is either alkaline or acidic. When we cleaned those fleets, we were using a combination of a cleaning detergent (this varies depending on the job) and the kinetic energy to clean the surface. After we finished the job, the shiny fleet vehicles are left to dry with a perfect pH balanced surface, because the neutral water that we use blasts everything else off. And a pH neutral surface doesn’t attract dirt as much as a base or acidic surface.

The result of all of this science was cool to see. The regular fleet cleanings that we did made a difference, and after a few weeks of cleaning a new surface, the vehicles started looking cleaner and better every time we came by.