Intermountain Wash Tech was founded in 2014 by Ivan Hooley, the current owner, and is a company that has experienced rapid growth through superior service and attention to detail


Ivan is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience. Intermountain Wash Tech is the 2nd business he has started and grown.

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β€œIn power-washing our home and cleaning the roof gutters, Ivan and his co-worker exceeded all our expectations. Their work was thorough and effective. They removed and re-installed the windowscreens when washing the house. Our gutter covers made it impossible to clean the gutters adequately, so they helped me remove all the covers to ensure a thorough job. Despite the extra time and effort this required, they remained very pleasant throughout the process and treated me like a friend instead of just another customer. I was very impressed and highly recommend them.” -Nov 8,2018

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